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Connections you can rely on.
Laser micro-welding.

Kühlkörper in Titan Kühlkanalabdeckungen heliumdicht verschweißt
  • Weld seam widths of 0.1 - 1.0 mm without filler material
  • Welding penetration depths of 0,1 - 2.0 mm
  • Execution with pulsed and continuous laser beam
  • Welding with a direct beam or modulated with a scanner
  • The weld seams need no subsequent reworking
  • The lowest possible heat effected zone on sensitive adjacent components
  • Weld seam testing with cross sections and microscopy
  • Helium leak test, pressure test, break test
  • Welding with filler material through a partner company

With our laser micro-welding system, we weld your components with minimum distortion, leak tight and connect them with high strength with the smallest weld seam cross sections. Optionally in a dust-controlled clean room for sensitive components.

We can present you with a sample production of a real component and the production path beforehand. Direct coordination with you and your engineering department thus ensures a perfect result.

Quality control is done by means of cross sections for microscopic micro-structure analysis. A helium leak test and pressure test guarantee the desired properties of the connection.

Laserfeinstschneiden eines aussenverzahnten Kupplungsrades

The materials which we can work with for laser welding are non-ferrous metals and allows, all steel and stainless steels.

We are specialised in laser micro-welding with the smallest possible thermal influence zones.


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